Quick look at NIH K-award funding

Motivated by a chat with Maria Glymour, I took a quick look at NIH K-award funding rates. It’s a very exploratory/descriptive look, but all the code is up on my GitHub.ย I’m hoping to find time to dive into the data more at some point.

Just putting it here, with no commentary, in case others who are applying for K’s might find it useful.

UPDATE: Since this post, I applied for, and received, a K99 โ€” check out that blog for more up to date numbers and a new Shiny app.

Overall, how much money does the NIH award through these early career mechanisms?

What is the breakdown of K-award funding by institute/center?Which mechanisms provide the most funding, by institute/center?

Which mechanisms/centers receive the most applications and have the highest success rate?

How has the success rate and funding amount changed over time for the “big K’s”?


I might add more analysis or make a Shiny app in the future. If I do, the GitHub repo will be the place to look.